How It Works

Mi-Helper is a portable, noninvasive, easy-to-use neuromodulation device that migraine sufferers can use at home for relief from migraine attacks. It uses a low flow of dry, room-temperature air to induce local cooling of the nasal passage due to water evaporation of the tissues. It consists of a durable tabletop device, tubeset, and drying cartridge. Ambient air is drawn into the device, dried using molecular sieve desiccant media in the cartridge, and delivered to the patient via the single-use tubeset. This flow of air is self-administered by the patient via the handpiece at the end of the tubeset. Air flows through the nasal pillow into their nostril and induces a phase change of moisture in the nasal turbinates. This process locally extracts energy from this area to cool certain nerve bundles, which have a clinically proven association to migraine pain and other symptoms.

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